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Henan Qiancuntang medicial technology co ltd was established in 2018 with a registered capital of 6 million yuan six million yuan It is located in Ye county Henan province China a famous cultural city with a long history and the main battlefield of kunyang war Its predecessor was a professional cooperative of planting traditional Chinese medicine in about thousand villages of Ye county Qiancuntang established in 2013 which mainly cultivates traditional Chinese medicine Henan Qiancuntang medicial technolohy co ltd is a collection of seedling cultivation Chinese herbal medicine cultivation processing and sales in one of the professional Chinese herbal medicine production enterprises with...

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WolfTreatment of ScrofulaAmomum Villosum Lour.Diuresis and DampnessRegulate Blood LipidsBoost Your MetabolismCuscuta Chinensis LamThe Coix Lacryma-jobiNumbness of the LimbsMagnolia Biondii PampSophorae Purging FireDigestion and Stomachchinese medicine herbstranquilizers examplesdr of chinese medicineblood stasis treatmentDendrobium Nobile LindTreatment of Wind ColdCervus Nippon TemminckBloating and Halitosisrehmannia testosteronedeer antler velvet gncMedicine Food HomologyAnalgesia and Sedationbear bile side effectsPrevent Heat Poisoningantler velvet sheddingTonify the Kidney YangCynanchum Bungei DecneIsatis Indigotica Fortfragrant tea code veinEvacuation and CoolingPaeonia Veitchii Lynchstop bear bile farmingThe Circulatory Systemmain types of mineralsFor Traumatic BleedingCommiphora Myrrha EnglCarthamus Tinctorius Ljasmine flower drawingArmillaria Mellea VahlEucommia Ulmoides OlivSophora Flavescens AitWarm and Moist Lung-qiSedation and AnalgesiaStrong and ExpectorantHigh Quality AuthenticCollocalia Esculenta LResistance to BacteriaSelection of Authenticherbal tea weight lossScutellaria of LabiataeLonicera Japonica ThunbRadish Seed Radish SeedChrysanthemum Indicum LArtemisiae Annuae Herbaginger rhizome benefitsWeak Feet/low Back PainGlycyrrhiza Inflata BatCervus Elaphus LinnaeusBitter Almond DegassingPaeonia Lactiflora PallXanthium Sibiricum PatrHydrous Calcium SulfateImproves Heart FunctionLowering Blood PressureArtemisiae Argyi FoliumClearing Away Lung Heatbear bile farming videoCoptis Chinensis FranchCaesalpinia Sappan LinnInvigorating the Spleenastragalus membranaceusDispel Wind /DehumidifyNelumbo Cucifera GaertnThe Smell/the SweetnessSweet Taste/cold NaturePrunus Persica L BatschDimocarpus Longan Lour.Tonify Liver and KidneyCitrus Wilsonii Tanaka.It's a Beauty Treatmentrehmannia root in tamilastragalus testimonialsAraceae Pinellia TernataExpectoration with BloodPhragmites Communis Trinforsythiae fructus indiaLowers Serum CholesterolRed Flower Sexual Warmthblood stagnation in legsCitrus Reticulata BlancoDioscorea Opposita Thunbginger rhizome pregnancydu zhong american dragonSmilacis Glabrae Rhizomalateral occipital cortexAnti Myocardial IschemiaAquilaria Agallocha Roxbginger rhizomes for saleTranquilizing the nervesKilling Insects and LiceAching Muscles and BonesMagnolia Liliflora Desr.Panax Ginseng C. A. Mey.Dispel Cold and DampnessPain Relief After Injuryforsythiae fructus plantInvigorate the Middle QiStrong Muscles and BonesNatural Schisandra FruitStemona Japonica Bl. MiqCistanche Deserticola MaCampanumoea Javanica Bl.Fenugreek Clear the MindThe Scaphium ScaphigerumDilate the Blood VesselsLeonurus Japonicus HouttClear Eye DetoxificationGeranium Wilfordii MaximAnti-bacterial Anti-viralRelieve Heat and Detoxifydisperse blood stagnationExpel Wind and Stop Spasmproperties of ideal drugsPromote Physical ActivityTreatment of TuberculosisTreatment of ConstipationAchyranthes Bidentata BI.Gentiana Macrophylla PallCyathula Officinalis KuanDiuresis and DetumescenceHerba Pteridis MultifidaeCinnamomum Japonicum Siebrehmannia complex thyroidPaeonia Suffruticosa Andrdeer antler velvet dosageBoost the Body's Immunitydeer antler velvet amazonRed Ginseng /Angiospermaeforsythiae fructus adalahRegulating The Flow Of Qihealth supplements brandsModulating Immune FunctionLigusticum Chuam.iong HortAurantii Fructus ImmaturusPolygonatum Cyrtonema Hua.Pueraria Lobata Willd.OhwiLiliaceae /Perennial PlantFritillaria Thunbergii MigDen-drobium Imbriatum HookCommon medicinal materialsCinnamomum Wilsonii GambleHealth Care of Scented TeaMature Seed of Wild JujubeCommon Gynecological DrugsFructus Aurantii ImmaturusActinidia Chinensis PlanchRadix Actinidiae ChinensisEugenia Caryophllata ThunbPolygala Tenuifolia Willd.For Coronary Heart DiseasePrevention of Hypertensionbear bile meaning in hindiProtective Effect on LiverDark Plum Chronic DiarrheaClear Liver and Clear EyesRemove Dampness and Yellowastragalus root in chineseHelps the Body Digest FoodTonifying Liver and KidneyIt'll Help with the PoisonFructus Alpinae Oxyphyllaebear bile meaning in tamilmedical technology careersfructus forsythiae in urduchinese herbs for wrinkleshealth supplements near meRelieving Cough and AsthmaGardenia Jasminoides EllisSophorae Flatten the LiverLoose Chest and Loose Knothealth supplements meaningGlycyrrhiza Uralensis FischRelieving Headache InsomniaFritillaria Delavayi FranchStrong Antioxidant CapacityReduces High Blood PressureAntitussive and ExpectorantPromoting Blood Circulationhealthy tea for weight losshealthiest tea in the worldRelieving Exterior SyndromeAntiviral and AntibacterialInvigorate the Vital EnergyTonify the Liver and KidneyCrataegus Pinnatifida BungePolygonum Multiflorum ThunbTreat Rheumatism ArthralgiaWarm the Spleen and StomachRelieves Pain in the ThroatPain Relief/ DetoxificationRegulates the Immune SystemFritillaria Cirrhosa D. DonCorydalis Yanhusuo W.T.WangChinese Medicinal MaterialsExpel Wind and Relieve PainPollen Typhae AngustifoliaeAlbizzia Bark Anti Allergicradix astragali common nameFor Insomnia and DreaminessDetoxicate Through Eruptionradix glycyrrhizae benefitsforsythiae fructus in hindiImprove Learning and Memorymedical technology articlesRehmannia Glutinosa LiboschPerilla Leaf Return to Lungforsythiae fructus in tamilPhellodendron Amurense Ruprbenefits of chinese medicineDendrobium Chrysotorum LindlDisperse Knot and DetoxicateZantho Xylum Bungeanum MaximM. Officinalis Subsp. BilobaCistanche Deserticola Y.C.Maastragalus benefits for skinNourish Yin and Moisten LungPhellodendron Chinense Schnerehmannia cool blood formulawhere to buy astragalus rootAquilaria Sinensis Lour Gilgmineral classification chartInhibits Myocardial ISCHEMIACool the Heat/cool the Bloodgoji berry benefits for skinPrecious medicinal materialsSterilize to Relieve ItchingDIURETIC Excretion of SodiumExpensive Dietary SupplementImprove Cerebral Circulationrhizome plant identificationNourish the Liver and KidneyTraditional Chinese MedicineArthralgia Due to RheumatismVomiting Due to Stomach HeatMeridian of Lung and Stomachfructus forsythia (lianqiao)Grade of medicinal materialsPerilla Frutescens L. Britt.Removing Stasis and DiuresisFenugreek It Clears the Heatherbal plants and their usesCirculation of Qi and StomachNourish the Veins and TendonsCool the Heat/ Cool the BloodIt's for Syphilis Cloudy Skintypes of herbs and their usesC.burmannii Th.Nees BlMoisten the Lung and Lower QiCure Fever/trouble and ThirstManyprickle Acanto Panax RootAnalgesic and Sedative EffectPinellia Ternata Thunb. BreitRemoving Mites with Lower AirArtemisia Argyi Levl. Et VantFlower of Indian DendranthemaSterculiae Lychnophorae SemenFritillaria Przewalskii MaximBlood-breaking and Qi-flowingSedative and Hypnotic EffectsTrichosanthes Kirilowii Maximlianqiao (forsythiae fructus)Natural Anticancer Substanceseucommia ulmoides common nameSwelling and Pain in the GumsValuable Health Care ProductsAtractylodes Lancea Thunb. DCGlycyrrhizae Radix Et RhizomaCooling Blood and DetoxifyingStemona Sessilifolia Miq. MiqChinese Herbal Medicine ZhishiIncreased Uterine ContractionsChinese Herbal Medicine HujiaoSteaming and Drying/Net SystemThe Fruit Of Chinese WolfberryChinese Herbal Medicine LianziChinese Herbal Medicine SharenRelieve Heat and Quench ThirstContracture of Muscle and Bonefructus forsythiae common nameForsythia Suspensa Thunb. VahlEnhance Hematopoietic FunctionEvodia Rutaecarpa Juss. Benth.forsythiae fructus indian nameChinese Herbal Medicine ZisuziCough Due to Deficiency of YinDispel Wind and Dissipate ColdDrynaria for Kidney DeficiencyCaulis Spatholobus Anti Cancerbest health supplements brandsScutellaria Baicalensis Georgiunderstanding chinese medicineDetumescence and Muscle GrowthCooling Blood to Stop BleedingChinese Herbal Medicine Tusizisomatosensory cortex definitionCentral Nervous System SedationTreatment of Spleen and StomachAnalgesic and Anti-inflammatoryis deer antler velvet a steroidAnemarrhena Asphodeloides BungePapaverales/ Corydalis YanhusuoContains a Variety of AlkaloidsRegulate Irregular MenstruationTonify Qi and Strengthen Spleendeer antler velvet bodybuildingCooling Blood/stopping BleedingReduce Spontaneous Hypertensionexpel uterus stagnation reviewsPromote Blood Cell RegenerationTreatment of Falls and InjuriesChinese Herbal Medicine WuweiziChinese Herbal Medicine WuzhuyuChinese Herbal Medicine YiyirenBupleurum Scorzonerifolium WildAtractylodes Chinensis DC.KoidzPolygonatumodoratum Mill. DrucePurging Fire and Detoxificationblood stasis meridian occlusionblood stasis acupuncture pointsforsythiae fructus english nameDispel Wind and Remove DampnessMicronutrient and MultivitaminsAtractylodes Macrocephala KoidzTreat Malaria and Stop DiarrheaTrichosan-thes Rosthornii Hermschinese herbal medicine near meRegulating the Digestive SystemHeat-clearing and Fire-loweringClearing Away Heat and Diuresiscalm the liver to stop the windAntipyretic and Malaria ControlMoisten and Lubricate IntestineGlehnia Littoralis /UmbelliferaeRecuperate Yang and Dredge PulseChinese Herbal Medicine MihoutaoSwelling and Pain Due to FallingPolyporus Umbellatus Pers. FriesReturn to the Spleen and StomachCooling Blood and Removing SteamRyptotympana Pustulata FabriciusWind Dispersing DehumidificationRemove Dampness and DetumescenceImprove Cellular Immune FunctionMonocotyledoneae / MagnoliophytaCaulis Spatholobus HematopoiesisSemen Raphani Raphanus Sativus LA. Dahurica Fisch. HookStomachache and Vomiting of AcidTreatment of Laryngeal ParalysisDIURESIS and Dampness PermeatingImprove Hepatic Microcirculationchinese herbal medicine benefitsDryness Dampness Dispelling WindImprove Blood Supply to the SkinReducing Qi and Resolving PhlegmSchisandra Chinensis Turcz.BaillAnti Inflammatory and SterilizingTo Increase the Body's ResistanceDiarrhea Due to Spleen DeficiencyCornus Officinalis Sieb. Et Zucc.Activate Channels and CollateralsChinese Herbal Medicine XiangyuanWarming Lung and Activating FluidDandelion Has a Bitter Cold TasteAccumulation Stagnation of AttackExpel Wind and Dredge CollateralsDetumescence and Analgesic EffectDisperse Stasis and Stop BleedingChinese Herbal Medicine PangdahaiFallopia Multiflora Thunb. HaraldTonify Kidney and Strengthen BonePlatycodon Grandiflorus Jacq.A.DCCryptotympana Pustulata FabriciusNatural High Quality Perilla SeedEXPECTORATION and Relieving CoughChinese Herbal Medicine Shanzhuyumedial prefrontal cortex functionM. Officinalis Subsp. OfficinalisCordalis Ambigua Schlechtblood deficiency chinese medicinePseudostellaria Heterophylla Miq.Magnolia Officinalis WilsImprove the Cardiovascular SystemNatural High Quality Corni FructusClearing Lung and Relieving AsthmaDispersing Cold and Relieving PainCodonopsis Pilosula Franch. Nannf.Clearing Lung and Resolving PhlegmClearing Away Heat and Summer SeatRhIzoma Atractylodis in CompositaeBletilla Striata Stop the BleedingChinese Herbal Medicine ChongweiziRelieving Cough and Clearing LiverRehmannia Glutinosa Gaetn. LiboschInvigorating Spleen and AppetizingPogostemon Cablin Benth AntiemeticExercise Qi to Relieve IndigestionChaenomeles Sinensis Thouin KoehneClearing Away Heat and DetoxifyingDeficiency Heat and Slaking ThirstRegulate Qi and Relieve DepressionTreatment of Collapse and StoppageAntibacterial and Antiviral ActionRemove Dampness and Relieve ItchingRemoving Rash and Relieving ItchingRelieve Exterior and Dissipate ColdCynanchum AuriculatumRoyle Ex WightHaloxylonammodendron C.A.Mey. BungeClearing Away Heat and Purging Firehow is deer antler velvet harvestedRanunculaceae/ Cynanchum OtophyllumEliminate Phlegm and Relieve ThirstDispel Rheumatism and Clear ChannelRadix Rubiae YunnanensisRed GinsengBreak Blood and Remove Blood StasisChinese Herbal Medicine TianmendongAcanthopanax Senticosus Rupr. Maxim.SALVIA MILTIORRHIZA Has Bitter TasteRemoving Dampness and Arresting BandProtective Effect of Red Blood CellsRelieving Cough and Resolving PhlegmRemove Blood Stasis and Relieve PainReduce Myocardial Oxygen ConsumptionConcretion and Constriction of UrineTreatment of Urination and GonorrheaGlehnia Lit-toralis F.Schmidt Ex MiqQuench Thirst and Produce Body FluidCold Diarrhea Due to Yang DeficiencyAnti-tumor Effect/ Tumor SuppressionSoothing the Liver and Regulating QiStrengthen Yang and Solidify EssenceClearing Away Heat and Calming LiverDissipate Heat and Relieve DrenchingCool the Blood and Stop the BleedingMature Seeds of Hovenia Dulcis ThunbChronic Cough Due to Lung Deficiencyanalgesic and antipyretic drugs listOphiopogon Japonicus Thunb. Ker-GawlDipsaci Radix Tonify Liver and KidneyChinese Medicine Herb Astragalt RadixRemove Rheumatism and Relieve ItchingChinese Medicine Health Care ProductsAndrographis Paniculata AntibacterialStop Bleeding and Remove Blood StasisThe Fruit of Leonurus Japonicus SweetWarming the Kidney to Strengthen Yang6 pathogenic factors chinese medicineElimination of Distension by DigestionClearing Away Heat and Removing DrenchDrugs for dispelling wind and dampnessAntithrombotic Salvia Miltiorrhiza BgeEliminating Phlegm and Relieving CoughRhodiolacrenulata HK.f.etThoms. H.OhbaPerennial Plant/ PaeonialactifloraPallRegulate Menstruation and Relieve Painimportance of technology in healthcareDissipate Cold in Moderate TemperatureAndrographis Paniculata AntiphlogisticMyristica Fragrans Houtt AntibacterialEliminate Accumulation and Relieve Painwhere to buy traditional medicinals teaRelieve Pain by Dispersing Blood StasisRhubarb for Promoting Blood CirculationPlatycodon Grandiflorus/Perennial PlantNatural and High Quality Asparagi RadixImprove Microcirculation/alleviate PainMature Seed of Nelumbo Nucifera Gaertn.For Impotence and Premature EjaculationPogostemon Cablin Benth Remove DampnessSaposhnikovia Divaricata Turcz SchischkDaidzein /puerarin/ Puerarin-7-xylosideRemoving Phlegm Due to Dryness-dampnessClearing Away Heat and Resolving PhlegmReduce Swelling and Remove Blood StasisTreatment of Amenorrhea and Dysmenorrheatraditional chinese medicine market sizeNatural and High Quality Lucid AsparagusRegulating Qi and Appetizing the StomachTreatment of Liver and Kidney DeficiencyDispel Rheumatism and Strengthen MusclesSoothing the Liver to Relieve DepressionStrengthen Stomach and Promote Digestionphysicochemical properties drug discoveryInvigorate the Liver and Improve EyesightReinforcing Spleen and Relieving Diarrheablack wolfberry benefits and side effectsPromoting Body Fluid and Nourishing BloodProduction of Chinese medicinal materials100% Pure Natural Chinese Herbal MedicineClearing Away Heat and Improving EyesightProcessing of Chinese medicinal materialsImprove Arrhythmia and Myocardial ISCHEMIAPolygonatum Odoratum/Chinese Herb MedicineEliminate Rheumatism and Relieve Bone PainLipid Lowering and Blood Pressure LoweringCultivation of Chinese medicinal materialsInvigorate the Blood/channel the MeridiansFigwort Clearing Away Heat and DetoxifyingErythrina VariegataL.var.orientalis L. MerrPromoting Blood Circulation to Relieve PainEliminating Dampness and Eliminating PhlegmAstringe the Intestine and Relieve Diarrheawho recognizes traditional chinese medicineStrengthens and Regulates the Immune SystemHot Selling Natural Dried White Poria CocosValuable Medicinal Materials for Health Carephysicochemical properties of drug absorptiondoes deer antler velvet increase testosteroneherbal medicines and their uses with picturesPromote Blood Circulation and Reduce SwellingMoisten the Intestine and Relieve ConstipationEliminate Accumulation and Eliminate StagnationAngelica Dahurica Fisch. Ex Hoffm /UMBELLIFERAEImport and export of Chinese medicinal materialsPromoting Blood Circulation Through MenstruationMenthae Haplocalycis Herba by Artificial ScreeningPromoting blood circulation and removing blood stasiseucommia ulmoides extract is bad for the kidneys and liver
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